What is a Four Point Inspection?


A Four (4) Point Inspection is an inspection that Insurance Carriers require when the home reaches 25 years or older.

Insurance Carriers are looking for the four systems to be in working condition without hazards, and fulfilling their intended function.

This inspection is a non invasive visual inspection that mainly focuses on the 4 points of the home.

A 4 Point Inspection must be conducted by a licensed Home Inspector or General Contractor

What Does The Four Point Cover?

The Four Point Inspection is a limited visual evaluation of the four important systems of the home.


4 Point Inspection

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State Farm 4 Point Inspection

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Insurance Carriers are concerned about the condition of the roof, they want to know it’s it good condition with an estimated life of 3 years or more.

Any signs of Roof damage or deterioration such as, shingles or tiles that are curling, lifting, loose, or deteriorating, will require repair before binding coverage


(Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning)

The source of heat is usually the main area of concern.

Most Carriers will not right a policy if the heating source is a portable heater, floor furnace, or baseboard heaters.

If you have central heating and air you should be ok, however, some Carriers may require the system to be newer than 15 years.


Water damage is a common concern for Insurance Carriers.

We will look at the type of plumbing pipes in your home, the water heater, drain lines, hoses, and if fixtures and components have been updated.

If there are any signs of deterioration or leaks, the Insurance Company will require repairs before binding coverage.


When it comes to the Electrical System, there are number of components that can be cause for concern.

Improper wiring, aluminum branch wiring, and exposed wiring are just a few hazards that could be present.

In addition,

 Insurance companies will not accept certain types of panels such as Federal Pacific (FPE) or Fuse Panels.

If any of these hazards are present, they will need to be updated due to the possibility of an electrical fire.

Why Do I Need A

4  Point?


The Insurance Companies have concerns that the condition of the 4 systems may present hazards or be near the end of the  service life.

If any of these systems fail, they can cause damage to the home and it’s contents, leaving the Insurance Company to reimburse the homeowner for the damages.

What Wouldn’t  Pass?


Here are a few things to ask yourself:

1.Is the roof leaking?

2. Are there shingles or tiles missing, curling, or deteriorating?

3. Are there leaks in the plumbing, water heater, or fixtures?

4. Are you using a portable heating source?

5. Is the HVAC installed improperly or presents hazards?

6. Is The Electrical Panel Federal Pacific?

7. Do you have aluminum branch wiring, over wiring, or exposed wiring?

What Happens Now?


If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, chances are, you will need to make repairs before a Carrier will bind coverage.


Different Carriers have different requirements,check with your agent or us before making repairs

Don’t Worry!


We will come out and conduct a  4 Point Inspection, If we find that any of the four systems do not meet the requirements, we will inform you of  what to do in order to satisfy your Insurance Carrier.

We will not submit the report with deficiencies!

Once the defective components are up to code, we will then come out for a re inspection and submit the report to your Insurance Company.

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