Buying A New Home?

Home ownership is the American Dream but that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare for uninformed buyers.

Even newly constructed homes can harbor costly mistakes- mistakes not visible to the untrained eye.

That is why it is important to have a Comprehensive Home Inspection.

 + We Inspect


- Structure - Exterior

- Interior      - Hvac

- Insulation  - fixtures

- Electrical   - Roof

- Garages    - Decks

- Sprinklers  - Spa

- Porches     - Pool

- Detached-


- Appliances

- Plumbing

+ We Include

If you are buying a home, you most likely will need home insurance.That is why we include the Insurance Inspection Forms with your Home Inspection at no additional fee.

Only a licensed Inspector or General Contractor can conduct Insurance Inspections

 + Add Services

You can coordinate additional services to be completed with your

Home Inspection.

We offer discounts when multiple services are ordered on one single property.

  • Termite Inspection
  • Elevation
  • Survey
  • Cost Replacement


+ Inspection Report

We will provide a detailed Inspection Report  with color photos that outlines every feature.The Home Inspection Report will note any deficiencies small or major with  easy to follow guides and recommendations.

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We Have Years Of Experience

 Our licensed Home Inspectors are thorough with years of experience.

We will guide you through the entire inspection process so you fully understand the condition of the home.

Don’t Throw Money Down The Drain!

 Purchasing a new home is a major investment. Save yourself the financial hassle by having it inspected first.

The small cost of the Home Inspection could potentially save you thousands of dollars in hidden repair fees!

Order Your Inspection Today!

Once you order your Home Inspection, you can relax knowing you have the  tools to make an informed decision.

We  take care of the scheduling, the inspection, and even send your reports to your agent.

 We are tough, we are thorough, and we work for you!

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