What Is A Roof Condition Certification Form ?

Insurance Companies require a Roof Condition Certification Form (RCF) When the roof reaches 25 years of age, However some companies may require this inspection at 15 years of age.

The Roof is your first line of defense during storms. If the roof system fails, the home and it’s contents may be susceptible to catastrophic damage.

Insurance Carriers want to know the age of the roof, and make sure that the roof is in good condition with an estimated remaining life of 3 years or more. This is a visual inspection and is usually quick and painless.

My Roof Was Replaced Why Do I Need an RCF?

The Insurance Company may require a Roof Condition Certification Form if they believe the roof is over 25 years of age, or there are no records of replacement or repairs.

If you can provide the proper documentation of a roof replacement to your Insurance Company, you may not need an RCF Inspection. Some Insurance Carriers may still require an RCF even with the proper documentation, so check with your Insurance Company first.

What Wouldn’t Pass?

The Insurance Company will not bind or continue coverage if the roof is damaged, deteriorating, leaking, or if the roof deck is uneven.Other issues that may pose a threat to your roof are shingles or tiles that are lifting, curling, or missing.  These are a few examples on what to look for.If any of these deficiencies are present, repairs will need to be made in order to satisfy the Insurance Carrier.


What If You Find Deficiencies?

If we find any deficiencies or damage to your roof, we will tell you what needs to be done in order to satisfy the Insurance Company.We will come back to re inspect once the proper repairs are complete.

Roof Condition Certification Form

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